Installation fittings for CVS

PLEASE NOTE: 50mm and 2” vacuum pipe.

CVC Direct have for many years supplied both 50mm and 2” (O.D.) vacuum pipe.  However, the 50mm pipe and pipe fittings have become costly and the supplies have been somewhat problematic, so we have discontinued the 50mm range. We now only supply the 2” pipe and fittings (although we do still have a small stock of 50mm fittings but no pipe).

If extending an existing system of 50mm pipe, the 2" pipe can be used although the 50mm pipe is slightly smaller in diameter (by 0.8mm). A 2” female fitting can be used to connect to the 50mm pipe but it will be a loose fit. It is important that the end of the 50mm pipe is cut square and that it is pushed up against the internal stop in the 2" fitting. It will be necessary to use excessive glue on the end of the pipe to ensure that the small gap between the pipe and the fitting is filled so that it cannot leak. It will also take longer for the solvent weld glue to cure so it will be necessary to make sure that the joint is held firm or supported while the adhesive sets.