Filters for ventilation units

Brink/Ubbink Heat Recovery machines have constant flow motors meaning that it is important that the airflow is unrestricted. If the airflow is restricted the motors will speed up to compensate for reduced airflow, thus resulting in a higher energy consumption and a noisier ventilation system. It is important to clean the filters on a regular basis as a blocked filter will reduce airflow.

Ubbink HRV machines are fitted with two filters: one is for fresh air coming in from the exterior, and the other is to filter the air extracted from the house. Ubbink HR units have been supplied with 2 different combinations of filters - either: Both filters are white (when new) textile filters. 2) OR one textile filter in the upper slot and one pollen filter in the lower slot. The pollen filter is a cardboard cartridge approximately 20 mm. thick.

Textile filters can be vacuumed and/or washed to clean them. The pollen filter (lower one on machine) can be vacuumed which will partially clean it; this action will improve performance for a short while but will not restore it to its original optimum specification. This filter will therefore need to be changed at regular intervals.

A pollen filter is not essential if there are no sufferers of hay fever and other allergies in your household. As a pollen filter is quite costly, one possible solution for those who feel the need for this filter, would be to use a pollen filter only in the months when there is a lot of pollen in the air, (i.e. spring and summer) and to use a standard filter, which can be cleaned in the other months, (i.e. autumn and winter).

It is very important to keep the filters clean to ensure adequate airflow thus ensuring lower running costs. The pollen filter should be changed once a year.